Election Canvassing and Condominiums in the Age of COVID-19

With a federal election scheduled for September of this year, the questions surrounding election canvassing and election signs are coming up again. This time, there is the additional question of how COVID-19 restrictions may impact canvasing.

Election canvassing

Under s. 118 of the Condominium Act, electoral canvassers must be provided reasonable access to the property. S. 81 of the Canada Elections Act permits access from 9 am to 9 pm to the door, subject to very few exceptions.

Canvassers must comply with all public health restrictions that apply to all other persons who enter the condominium corporation.  As noted in our previous blogs, these restrictions include wearing a mask and COVID-19 self-screening.

Election signs

In our previous post, we shared that tenants can display election signs on the premises of their unit but that the Corporation can place limits on the size and type of signs and can forbid signs from being posted on the common elements.

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