Episode 38 – 2023 Holiday Q&A with DHA

If you missed our Holiday Q&A that was held on December 12, 2023, not to worry, the session recording is now the latest episode of our podcast.

The speakers in order of presentation are:

1. Nancy Houle moderating.

2. Jessica Weick – common element modifications, starting at 2:20.

3. Dominique Mesina – noise, starting at 9:15.

4. Emily Deng – the Condominium Authority Tribunal, starting at 17:10.

5. Cheryll Wood – charge backs and green retrofits, starting at 25:21.

6. Nicole Robinson – meetings, starting at 33:05.

7. James Davidson – reserve funds and repairs, starting at 42:00.

8. Victoria Craine – volunteers, insurance, and by-laws/rules, starting at 49:36.

9. Christy Allen – common elements, starting at 58:30.

10. Mitchell Robinson – rentals, starting at 1:09:19.

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We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

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