Who Can Request a Status Certificate?

Recently, many of our clients have noticed an increase in the number of status certificates requested by non-owners or real estate agents before there is an agreement of purchase and sale in place for a unit.

This leads us to the question: who is entitled to request (and receive) a status certificate from a condominium corporation?

The Condominium Act, 1998, takes a broad approach to this topic. Section 76 (1) states that the “corporation shall give to each person who so requests a status certificate with respect to a unit in the corporation…”

Based on the Act, anyone can ask for a status certificate! This includes people who do not own a unit, and even individuals who are not intending to purchase a unit in the condominium.

A reminder to Managers and Directors to make sure that any requests are dealt with promptly and accurately, as corporations have 10 days after receiving the request (and payment of the applicable fee) to provide the status certificate.

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