What About a COVID-19 Health Screener And/Or Waiver?

Others have suggested the idea of having workers (who are hired either by the condominium corporation or by someone hired by the condominium corporation) sign a “COVID-19 Health Screener” and also a “Waiver” (respecting the risk of the worker contracting COVID-19 while performing work on the property). In our view, these are great suggestions and we wish to tip our hats to those who have offered them. We’ve come up with our own versions of these documents.

See our attached suggested versions of the following:

  • COVID-19 Health Screener (to be signed before someone performs work on the condominium property, and perhaps again at regular intervals during the work).

We want to be careful to say that these documents may or may not make sense in every case and may or may not be legally necessary (to protect the condominium corporation and its Directors, Officers, Agents, Owners, Residents and Invitees against claims). However, these documents may be a good idea in many cases, particularly in cases where workers will be accessing interior parts of the common elements or will otherwise come in contact with condominium residents or other workers, or surfaces that are frequently touched by condominium residents or other workers.

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