Transitional General Licenses Soon to Expire

Our readers will recall that condominium managers in Ontario could apply for a Transitional General License if they had at least two (2) years of condominium management work experience (during the five (5) years prior to the application) even though they had not yet completed the education requirements for a General License. 

Managers who received a Transitional General License then had a time-limited license that was essentially equivalent to a General License.

As described in a blog post from the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO), dated March 2022, Transitional General Licenses will soon expire.

As noted in the blog, managers holding a Transitional General License essentially have two options:

  • As long as they have completed the applicable education requirements, they can apply for a General License.


  • They can apply for a Limited License. As noted in CMRAO’s blog post: Condominium managers with a Limited Licence can provide condominium management services only under the supervision of a person who holds a General Licence and under the employment of a licensed condominium management provider business (they cannot be employed directly by a condominium corporation).

A manager who holds a Transitional General License will need to make application under one of the above options by May 31, 2022 (assuming of course they wish to continue providing condominium management services).

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