Training for Workers that Use Fall Protection – April 1, 2017 Deadline Extended to October 1, 2017

We previously posted a blog on April 1, 2015 entitled “New Requirements Under the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Regulation”.  The blog addressed new training requirements wherein an employer was required to ensure that workers complete a basic health and safety awareness program.

The training requirements apply to the following methods of fall protection:

  • a travel restraint system;
  • a fall restricting system;
  • a fall arrest system;
  • a safety net;
  • a work belt;
  • a safety belt.

Some employees, that had previously completed a training program before the regulation came into force on April 1, 2015, were given a grace period for completing the new training.  The grace period was to expire on April 1, 2017.  However, a recent update to the Ministry of Labour website states “The Ministry has now extended the transition period by six (6) months to October 1, 2017. Employers will have until then to ensure that workers successfully complete a CPO-approved working at heights training program.

What does this mean for your condominium? 

  • If you are considered an employer and have employees that use any of the foregoing methods of fall protection, you are required to ensure that the employee(s) complete the required new training. If any of your employees met the fall protection training requirements of the Construction Projects Regulation prior to April 1, 2015,  they will now need to complete the new training by October 1, 2017.
  • If you hire a contractor with workers that will be working at heights (i.e. cleaning windows or repairing the roof), confirm with the contractors that their workers have been trained to work at heights.

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