Summary of Draft Regulations under the Condominium Act – Director Training

As we noted in a previous blog, the province has published a Summary of the first phase of the proposed new Regulations under the Condominium Act, 1998, as amended (“The Amended Act”). This is the first in a series of blogs that we will be preparing in relation to the proposed changes.

In this Blog No. 1, I explore what the Summary has to say about Required Training for Condominium Directors.

Section 29 of the Amended Act says that a condominium director is disqualified from the Board if he or she fails to complete “prescribed training within a prescribed time”.

The Summary does not yet say what sort of training will be required. The Summary simply says that the new Condominium Authority will designate the training course(s) that directors will be required to take (or if there is no Condominium Authority, the Minister of Government and Consumer Services will designate the course(s)).

The Summary also says:

I. The cost of the training would be covered by the condominium corporation.

II. The required training would only apply to directors elected or appointed after turnover.

III. The training requirement is expected to come into force on July 1, 2017 (provided the required course(s) have been designated by that time).

IV. The required training would only apply to directors elected or appointed after the new training requirements come into force. [I believe that being “elected” would include being “re-elected”.]

V. New directors would have six months (following their election or appointment) to complete the required training.

VI. The training would be good for seven years. Thereafter, a director would have to “re-take” the training if he or she is again elected or appointed to the Board.

VII. The Condominium Authority will keep records of the persons who have completed the training. A condominium corporation would have the right to see those records respecting the corporation’s own directors.

VIII. A director who completes the training would also be required to send evidence of such to his or her condominium corporation(s).

Stay tuned for our next blog in the series which will review what the Summary has to say about “information certificates” that the condominium is required to send to owners (and mortgagees).