Step 2 of Ontario’s Reopening

In Ontario, we are currently in Step 1 of the “Roadmap to Reopen”.  See our blog of June 8, 2021, which provides detail about Step 1 and what it currently means for Ontario condominiums.

What will change (on June 30th) under Step 2?

The province provides the following general description of Step 2:

“Step 2: Further expanding outdoor activities and resuming limited indoor services with small numbers of people and with face coverings being worn.”

Here are some of the key changes (relevant to condominiums) under Step 2:

  • Larger outdoor gatherings, up to 25 people, will be permitted (subject to appropriate distancing).
  • ALSO:  Outdoor meeting and event facilities will be permitted to open, limited to 25% capacity, and again with appropriate distancing.

[The two items above mean that some larger outdoor meetings will be possible, with appropriate distancing.]

  • Indoor meeting and event spaces are still to be generally closed, except that small indoor gatherings will be permitted… limited to 5 people. [This means that some indoor meetings and other indoor activities will be possible, but with appropriate distancing and wearing of masks.  As usual, members of the same household are permitted to gather without restriction.]

There are some key restrictions that are not changing:

  • There’s no change in terms of outdoor recreational amenities:  They are permitted to open, with certain restrictions (such as appropriate distancing).
  • There’s essentially no change in terms of indoor recreational amenities:  They are to stay closed, except for training by high-performance athletes and certain other special exemptions.
  • There’s no change in terms of water facilities:  Outdoor pools and wading pools can remain open, again with capacity for appropriate distancing.   Indoor pools will need to stay closed, subject to special exceptions (such as Human Rights reasons).   [Indoor pools will be permitted to open under Step 3…which is currently expected to arrive on July 21st.]

We repeat the following notes:

Remember that you are not obligated to reopen as permitted by Step 2.  Each condominium Board can consider reopening (as permitted by Step 2) in light of the circumstances of the particular condominium.

Previous requirements in relation to wearing of masks (in interior common spaces) and personal protective equipment (for certain employees) are continuing.

The previous screening and self-screening requirements are continuing.

We are making steady progress!!

Stay tuned to Condo Law News to keep up to date on the latest developments on Ontario’s Re-opening Plan!