Statement Against Anti-Asian Racism

With the recent news of increased anti-Asian hate crimes in North America, our firm would like to take a moment to acknowledge the seriousness of this issue. While much of the mainstream news focuses on the recent US attacks, we acknowledge that the same dynamic exists in Canada, where the statistics indicate that we have, in fact, higher rates of reported anti-Asian hate crimes per capita than the US. We recognize that anti-Asian racism is not new in Canada and has existed in many ways throughout our history, including the internment of Japanese Canadians during World War II, the Komagata Maru incident, and policies like the Chinese Head Tax and the Chinese Exclusion Policy. So in our view, it is important to properly acknowledge the systemic nature of the racism that Asian communities have, and continue to, face in Canada.  

As a law firm, our goal is to advance the objectives of respect, diversity, and inclusiveness in our workplace, justice system, and society. Internally our firm makes anti-racism education and resources available to staff. We have also made a donation to Project 1907, which, amongst other things, provides a community based reporting tool to track incidents of racism against Asian communities in Canada. Ultimately, our firm stands with Asian communities and we acknowledge the trauma felt by those who continue to be affected by hate and violence.