Selecting the Chair for a Meeting of Owners

The by-laws of most condominium corporations state who should chair meetings of owners. Most by-laws call for the corporation’s President, if available, or alternatively the corporation’s Vice-President, to chair owners’ meetings.

Occasionally, the persons listed in the corporation’s by-laws as potential chairs for a meeting of owners may be unable or unwilling to act as chair. [For example, it may make sense to choose another chair for a meeting which has been called to consider removal of the President or Vice-President from the Board.] In these situations, the owners at the meeting can appoint someone else to chair the meeting.

This process starts by someone proposing a person as chair (in the form of a motion). There must then be a seconder in support of the motion. A discussion may follow, before the vote is taken. The motion is decided based upon a majority of the votes cast. If a majority does not vote in favour of the motion, another person can then be proposed and the process continues until a chair is selected.