Potential Changes to the CAT’s Jurisdiction Could Include Legal Fees

We previously blogged about the expanding jurisdiction of the CAT happening in 2022. These changes will expand the CAT’s jurisdiction into disputes about noise, odours, smoking, vapours, light, and vibrations.

Currently, the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) is seeking the public’s feedback to more potential changes. These potential changes include whether and when legal fees should be awarded to a party, and whether some CAT disputes should proceed by way of a hybrid model of combined Mediation-Arbitration.

When it comes to the CAT and costs, we have long struggled with how the CAT has awarded legal fees. You can read more about our thoughts on costs in several of our recent blog posts (here, here, and here). We are happy to see that potential changes could be coming to address this!

If you would like to express your opinions on these questions, the CAO has published an online anonymous survey that members of the public can fill out. The deadline to provide feedback is Monday, November 15, 2021.

Stay safe and stay tuned to Condo Law News to keep up to date on the latest developments on the CAT’s expanding jurisdiction!