Our Best Wishes for the Holidays

A Christmas Story

Last Christmas, I received a tiny gift.

It was so wonderful, so amazing…that I decided, shortly after Christmas, to give it to someone I love.

That someone was also so thrilled with the gift that they felt they just couldn’t keep it for themselves.

So they gave it to someone they love.

That someone in turn gave the gift to another someone.

At that point, I lost track of the gift, so I really can’t say where it went from there.

But this Christmas, I’ve noticed a large, wonderfully-wrapped package under our Christmas tree. 

It’s not addressed to anyone in particular.

But I have a sense….and I’m pretty sure….that it may be the same gift that I received last Christmas.

Only much, much bigger.

And I’m thinking this because something that is shared always grows and always returns.

And so, we at DHA, want to share our wishes for you to enjoy a warm, wonderful and restful holiday.

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