Notes on Board Voting

Decisions of the Board of Directors are made by vote, at meetings of the Board. Here are some quick notes about Board voting:

  • For there to be a vote, there must be a quorum present.
  • Condominium Directors can’t vote by proxy.
  • The general nature of the business (to be voted upon) must be stated or implied in the Notice of Meeting.
  • Each Director has one vote, including the chair. The chair never has an extra vote. But the chair always has the right to exercise his or her one vote. [For instance, the chair’s vote may break a tie or create a tie.]
  • For a motion to be carried, a majority of the votes cast must be in favour of the motion. In the event of a tie (among the votes cast), the motion fails.
  • Directors can abstain (and of course must abstain if in a conflict). An abstention is a vote that is not cast.