Increasing Attendance at the AGM

Even though the snow is flying, we all know that spring will soon be upon us! For many in the condo community, the arrival of spring also means turning our minds to preparation for the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and considering how to entice owners to attend the AGM. To assist in your planning, we have pooled some ideas from our clients, which we hope will be helpful!

    • For those condominiums who know that there is an abundance of coffee lovers among the ownership, consider purchasing a gift certificate from your local coffee shop. Advise owners in the Notice of AGM that a draw for the gift certificate will be held at the end of the AGM.
    • If you have a group of owners who love to bake, consider asking those owners whether they would volunteer to bring baked goods or other tasty treats to the AGM. Again, advise owners in the Notice of AGM that tasty treats will be available during the meeting.
  • In the event that your condo has a social committee, consider asking the social committee whether it would be interested in hosting a gathering of some sort following the AGM. Include an invitation to the gathering in your AGM package.

If your condo has an interesting or unique way of attracting your owners to its AGM, please let us know by emailing! Perhaps your idea may be the key to a successful AGM for another condo in your community!