Happy Holidays to our Wonderful Readers!

We are feeling nostalgic over the holidays this season, and we hope that this post finds you happily curled up in your condos with a warm blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and a great book!

Once a writer, always a writer! Looking into our past, we have found a wonderful Christmas poem written by our blog editor, Jim Davidson, when he was only twelve years old. It suits our mood perfectly, and we hope that sharing it with you will warm your heart and bring back memories of your own holidays past, whatever your favourite traditions may be.

Our very best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!

The Condo Law News team.

A Christmas Poem

Well I remember what Rudolph said to old St. Nick
He said “Santa old buddy, the fog’s kinda thick
I can’t see a foot for the snow and the sleet
And at this rate, Santa, it’ll take us all week”

Santa just smiled and he said “what’s your worry?”
He said “Rudolph, relax, there ain’t no hurry
The weather’ll change when we get off the coast
And until then, Rudolph, we’ll just make the most”

Onward they flew, their hearts aglow
Braving the cold, and dodging the snow
And as a shimmer appeared with the closing of night
They finished their task, and slipped from sight

Then came the warmth of the morning sun
The air was fresh, the job was done
And though all the people were far far away
They brought ‘em all together on Christmas day