Follow-Up: Access to Washrooms for Delivery Persons

This amendment to the OHSA (Section 29.1) came into force earlier this year (on March 1, 2022).   As we reported in our previous blog, this new right for delivery persons to access washrooms applies to workplaces (and therefore might apply to a condominium that has an employee).  However, this requirement does not apply if providing washroom access would not be reasonable or practical (for reasons described in the section) or in cases where the washroom “is in, or can only be accessed through, a dwelling”.

As we previously reported, in the case of a residential condominium, the dwellings arguably include the common elements.  So in our view, these new requirements likely do not apply to washrooms located on the common elements of a residential condominium.  That said, we may one day see this clarified in regulations under the OHSA.

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