Election Signs on Condominium Property

It’s municipal election time again in Ontario. Are condominium owners entitled to place election signs on the condominium property? Section 118 of the Condominium Act, 1998 states that condominium corporations must not restrict the access (to the property) of political canvassers – including canvassers for municipal election – but what about election signs?

In the case of federal elections, the placement of signs is regulated by the Canada Elections Act. The Canada Elections Act says that condominium owners have the right to place signs in their units (for instance, in their windows). However, the condominium corporation can still pass rules to establish reasonable restrictions on the sizes (of the “unit signs”), and also to prohibit signs on the common elements.

In the case of provincial or municipal elections, there is no similar law (like the Canada Elections Act) guaranteeing condominium owners the right to place election signs (in their units). So, when it comes to provincial or municipal elections, condominium corporations have the right to prohibit all election signs (ie. by rule).

Condominium corporations of course can also consider a rule to allow election signs (including signs on the common elements), but subject to reasonable restrictions. Note as well that most municipalities have by-laws or regulations that place restrictions on election signs (including their size, permitted locations, and permitted display periods). Any rule would of course also be subject to those municipal restrictions.