COVID-19 – One step forward, two steps back

It seems like déjà vu… the holiday season is in full swing and COVID-19 didn’t want to miss out on the fun.  With the significant increase in COVID-19 cases across Ontario, and the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, the government is tightening restrictions across the province. 

Government Restrictions

Today’s announcement by the Ontario Government confirms that, effective 12:01 a.m. Sunday, December 19, 2021, gathering sizes will be reduced from 25 people indoors to 10, and outdoor gatherings will be reduced from 100 people to 25. 

In addition, capacity limits for a number of businesses are being reduced to 50 percent.  This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Restaurants
  • Malls and retailers, including grocery stores and pharmacies
  • Personal care services 
  • Gyms 
  • Indoor recreational amenities

Affected businesses will need to post capacity signage. 

There are other measures being implemented, but they are less applicable to condominium corporations, so they are not set out here.  If you would like to review the full release, it can be found here.

What does this mean for condominiums?

  1. While the announcement confirms that the restrictions apply to businesses, condominium corporations that have one of the amenities listed above should consider whether to decrease the capacity of their amenities (if open and not already at reduced capacity) to 50%.
  2. Any party rooms or other indoor gathering spaces must be limited to 10 persons.   
  3. In-person indoor meetings for the condominium corporation will not be possible if your condominium has over 5 units. 
  4. Boards must also continue to follow the guidance and restrictions that are applicable in your region.
  5. In addition, Boards must continue to weigh all relevant factors, such as the nature of the particular condo and the safety and well-being of residents and staff, in determining what additional restrictions might be necessary as it pertains to the use of the common elements.

We also note that masks or face coverings must still be worn by residents and/or guests at all times when leaving their units or accessing the common elements (with certain exceptions as outlined here). We will continue to keep you updated on these important measures (and their impact on condominiums)!

Stay safe and stay tuned to Condo Law News to keep up to date on the latest developments on COVID-19 restrictions.