Condos Work!

Some of our readers may have seen the article in the April 28, 2014 issue of ‘MacLean’s’ magazine: ‘Why Condos are a Living Nightmare’.

The Maclean’s article included the following sentence: ‘Canadian condos are rife with internal politics, neighbour infighting and power struggles stemming from the complicated network of condo boards, owners, investors, tenants and property managers.’

I don’t agree.

Of course there are some disputes and difficulties any time people are living in close quarters, and any time people are sharing property and expenses. [As legal counsel, we tend to see those disputes.]

But the vast majority of condominiums are operating extremely well, with sound economic planning and with positive internal relationships.

Condominiums make excellent sense for many homeowners, investors and occupants. Condominium owners and occupants get to enjoy the economic benefits of shared services, the security and support that come with dedicated administration and/or professional management, and also the community and friendship that come with close living.

With very few exceptions, condominiums work. They work because of the countless hours of selfless, volunteer work put in by thousands of condominium Board members across the country. And they work because of the hard work and dedication of condominium property managers across the country.

I’m often amazed at just how well condominiums work. I’m amazed at how cooperative and malleable people can be. And condominium owners and occupants achieve this cooperation largely on their own, with the guidance of their elected Boards of Directors.

There are disputes, of course, but they are the exception – and they are relatively few and far between.