Condominium Act Reform: Bill 106 goes to Standing Committee as it moves forward

The debates resumed yesterday at Queen’s Park on the second reading of Bill 106: the Protecting Condominium Owners Act. We can report that the bill was voted on and passed its second reading on October 7, 2015. As predicted, it has now been referred to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs for review.

Bill 106 has been years in the making, but as it progresses towards becoming legislation there is a sense that things will continue to move quickly going forward. The bill certainly appears to have support from all sides.

Despite this support, there are key concerns that must be addressed so that the bill can achieve its intended purpose: to better meet the needs of Ontario’s growing condominium market, and better regulate the condominium industry. The standing committee will likely be set up in a way to easily hear from stakeholders and the public about their concerns related to the proposed legislation.

Although it is too soon to advise on the standing committee’s process, typically a series of hearings are held in a public forum designed to hear from a range of interested parties. Speakers are usually limited to a short amount of time. We do not have word yet how long the committee will sit for, but it may be for 5-7 days spread over several weeks to accommodate as many people as possible. This will be an opportunity for those in the industry with the practical experience of working with the Condominium Act to give their feedback.

Bill 106 is a key piece of consumer protection legislation governing the management of condominiums. For further information about the impacts and concerns related to this bill, check out our recent blog posts from James Davidson. The full text of Bill 106 is available here.

Our readers in the condominium industry are welcome to contact our Condominium Law group to discuss the potential impact of this bill.