If you missed our January 26 recap of some interesting condo cases from 2022, it is now available as the latest episode of our Condopedia podcast

You can find a detailed write-up of the cases discussed in this episode on either our Condo Law News blog, or on Condo Cases Across Canada (or both!). As some of you may know, Condo Cases Across Canada (CCAC) is a quarterly publication from DHA’s own Jim Davidson that summarizes key condominium decisions from across Canada. The applicable Condo Law News blogs and/or CCAC summaries are hyperlinked below for your convenience!

The speakers in order of presentation and their associated cases/topics are:

  1. Jessica Weick (Teno v Essex Condominium Corporation No. 28: no-pets provisions and resurrecting “neglected provisions” – starts at 1:31)
  2. Mitchell Robinson (Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 132 v Evans: nuisance and parking – starts at 7:16)
  3. Christy Allen (Waterloo North Condominium Corporation No. 70 v Sinyard: service animals and accommodation – starts at 11:58)
  4. Emily Deng (Sidhu v Peel Condominium Corporation No. 426: records requests and penalty against corporation for delay – starts at 20:30)
  5. Victoria Craine (Frontenac Condominium Corporation No. 6 v McCauley: corporation’s rights independent of landlord’s rights and the Landlord and Tenant Board – starts at 27:58)

As always, Nancy Houle moderates the discussion.

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