CAO and CAT Proposed Fees

We now have the proposed fee (payable by all Ontario condominium owners) for the new Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO).  We also have proposed user fees in relation to the new Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT).

Here are the proposed Fees, recently posted on the CAO website (

Proposed “All Ontario Condominium Owner Fees” to fund the CAO

Monthly Fee Per Voting Unit (or per voter in a common elements condominium)$1 per month / $12 per year

Proposed User Fees respecting the CAT

Filing FeeFor access to CAT’s unassisted on-line dispute resolution system$25
Assisted Resolution FeeFor assistance from a dedicated mediator$50
Tribunal Decision FeeFor a decision from a dedicated adjudicator$125

If you wish, you can offer comment – until July 18, 2017 – on the CAO website.

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