Another Case Involving Harassment

In the case of Niagara South Condominium Corporation No. 12 v. Kore et. al., the Ontario Superior Court ordered two owners to stop harassing and intimidating other residents and members of the staff and management of the condominium corporation.

The Court held that the two owners (the Respondents) had “flouted rules, been physically aggressive, intimidated others, harassed others and showed disrespect of others. This included the condominium employees, the Board and the other condominium residents”. The Court held that this conduct contravened Section 117 of the Condominium Act.

The two owners were also ordered to pay full indemnity costs to the condominium corporation.

In the decision, the Court notes that the owners “present justifications for the criticism of the Board and its employees”. In particular, the two owners were not happy with the governance of the condominium, and they presented themselves as vigilantes standing up against perceived abuses of power.

But the Court said that “it is the manner in which they have each behaved toward the Board, its employees and other owners which must result in the sanctions” sought by the condominium corporation.

The Court said:

It comes down to respect:  Respect for the rules. Respect for the employees, the Board and one’s neighbours. Respect for the common and shared space of others.

As I write this blog, I can’t help feeling that those words apply equally to other settings – not just to condominiums.

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