A Reminder About Status Certificates and Different Types of Units

In some cases, condominium owners may have “additional units” (such as parking units and/or storage units) in addition to the owner’s “main unit.” When issuing a status certificate in such cases, it may be helpful to remember the following points:

  • Remember to separate out the common expenses (and any arrears) for the main unit and for each of the additional unit(s), in the status certificate.


  • As an alternative, you could issue separate status certificates for each unit (including each parking unit, each storage unit, and/or each other additional unit).

Either approach is fine. But again: the key is to ensure that you “break out” the common expenses (and any arrears) for each of the units covered by the certificate.

Also, if an owner (having these sorts of additional units) ever falls into arrears, it’s again important to “break out the arrears” for each unit – in the notice of arrears. Alternatively, you can send a separate notice for each unit.

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