Watch Your Water Bill for the New Water Rate Structure

If you’re an Ottawa resident, you probably know that the City of Ottawa’s water rate structure changed as of April 1, 2019.

The City is implementing the change to include fixed costs to reflect the maintenance of the water, wastewater and stormwater supply systems. The new method for measuring consumption will be based on the following four tiers:

Water Consumption Rates
TierCubic MetresProposed Inclining Block Rate ($)*

*Total proposed rate for water and wastewater

However, these new changes may not benefit all citizens equally. Specifically, those who are subject to “bulk metering”, like condominium corporations who may be unfairly impacted by these changes. This means condominium corporations (unless there are a small number of units) will likely be classified under Tier 4 on the water consumption scale and charged at the highest rates

It would seem that a more reasonable approach for condominiums would be for the “Tier” to be based on the bulk amount divided by the number of units!

With the new rate structure already in effect, condominium corporations will need to keep an eye on their water bills to see if the new system is as fair as it aims to be.

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