Struggling with the Condominium Act Forms? We Can Help

Our readers will know that the new forms prescribed under the Condominium Act have been issued by the province in interactive PDF format. But we find that, in some cases, it’s nice to have the form in Word format. This makes it much easier to fill in the form and edit it.

We have been gradually creating the “fully expanded” forms in Word. You can obtain them from us, at no cost, by contacting Carol Slack of our office at

In our view, it’s perfectly fine (in compliance with the obligation to use a prescribed form) if you use a Word version, and even if you make some changes, as long as you don’t change the key aspects of the form that apply to your particular case. For instance:

  • In most cases, we feel it’s fine to delete irrelevant or inapplicable parts of the form.

  • In our view it’s also fine to add words, as long as you keep the relevant prescribed wording, and as long as the added words don’t detract from the prescribed wording. [For instance, on some of the forms, we like adding a date and a signature line, because we feel it makes sense to do so! Again, we don’t see any harm in this.]

In summary, sometimes a Word version of the new forms may be your preferred alternative!