Latest Episode of Condopedia is Released!

As our readers know, we recently launched a podcast – Condopedia as another initiative to provide even greater insight on the latest developments in condominium law in Ontario.

Our latest episode is a Q&A session on conducting virtual meetings during the COVID-19 crisis. The Q&A session took place on May 8, 2020. In that session, our lawyers discussed:

  • What condominiums must consider when hosting virtual meetings and how to ensure a virtual meeting mimics and in-person meeting
  • The various options and platforms available to condominiums when conducting virtual meetings (e.g. Get Qorum, Zoom, etc.) with suggestions on the option best suited for specific circumstances.
  • When it may be better to simply postpone a meeting

We also engaged in a detailed step-by-step discussion on the voting process at virtual meetings, and answered questions on construction on the common elements and unit renovations in light of the recent amendments to Ontario’s List of Essential Services.

As a reminder, Condopedia is available on our website and on major platforms such as Podbean, Itunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and now Youtube. Since our May 8th session included some visual elements, a video recording of the session is now available on our Youtube channel!